There are 16 essential elements that are important for healthy growth and development of soybeans.  These include the non-mineral elements – carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, and mineral elements which include macronutrients found in most fertilizers – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (potash); secondary macronutrients – calcium, magnesium and sulfur; and micronutrients – boron, chloride, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

Soybeans were once thought to be able to survive off of the residual levels of micronutrients left behind in the soil, but the demand for higher-yielding crops is removing more micronutrients than ever before, leaving soils lacking or deficient in one or more key micronutrients.

Even though only small amounts are needed, micronutrients are key in many physiological processes in the plant including enzyme production, cell wall structure, and metabolic pathways such as photosynthesis, flowering, seed development and root growth.  Shortages of any of the micronutrients can have a dramatic impact on yields.

Environmental conditions and soil characteristics also affect micronutrient deficiencies and availability including soil pH, organic matter content, drainage, manure applications and previous crops grown on that acre.

Foliar applications are the most effective method of delivering micronutrients to soybeans, and are more economical and effective than soil amendments.  With foliar applications, more uniform coverage is obtained, and the response will be much quicker, correcting the deficiency during that growing season.  That being said, it is always better to apply micronutrients as a preventative treatment before deficiency symptoms show up.  The potential yield loss has already occurred by the time symptoms are visible.

Coastal AgroBusiness provides two lines of micronutrient products to help prevent or alleviate micronutrient deficiencies.

Our newest product, MaxxGro for Beans, contains a trace element package supplying the micronutrients required by soybeans in the precise ratio needed based on crop uptake and efficiency factors.  MaxxGro for Beans has a guaranteed analysis of 2.3% Manganese, 1.5% Iron, 1.15% Zinc, 0.47% Copper, 0.10% Boron and 0.01% Molybdenum.  As a foliar spray application, MaxxGro can be mixed with foliar fertilizers without mixing issues. It is compatible with herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide combinations. This product is immediately available for plant uptake.

Our NutriSol products are designed to be flexible applications that deliver the needed nutrients to your soybeans.  All can be applied as foliar or soil treatments, and are compatible with other crop protection materials.

NutriSol Micro 581 is a micronutrient package containing 0.20% Boron, 0.30% Iron, 3.20% Manganese, 2.10% Zinc and 0.01% Molybdenum with penetrants and translocation aids that enable the nutrients to move more easily into the plant.

Coastal also offers these nutrient products for crops requiring specific nutrients:

Click here for detailed information on the important functions of each micronutrient and symptoms of deficiency.

For assistance in using either the MaxxGro or NutriSol line of micronutrient products for a healthy start to a high-yielding soybean crop, contact your local Coastal AgroBusiness solutions advisor.

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NutriSol family of products and MaxxGro are brands of Coastal AgroBusiness, Inc., Greenville, NC.