Take Tobacco Sucker Control to the Next Level

Take Tobacco Sucker Control to the Next Level

Improve the performance of your existing contact Tobacco Sucker Control program with the addition of Matrixx.  Matrixx is a proven superior wetter/spreader/penetrant that provides rapid, uniform spray coverage on leaf surfaces.

Why use Matrixx in your sucker control program?

  • Improved coverage

  • Improved run-down, achieving better and more thorough contact with suckers

  • Improved control of hard-to-reach suckers

  • No pooling on leaves

  • Safe and effective

  • Easy to use

  • Proven performance

  • Use rate: 4 oz/acre

Use Matrixx with these contact tobacco sucker control products:

Green Tac is approved for use on PRC and ELI tobacco and is certified by ICS, QCS and the State of Kentucky for use on organic tobacco.

Matrixx & Sucker Control Flier
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