Make the Precision Decision to take your planter to a whole new level of performance.  Get precise control of down force and seeding on each individual row of your planter, with DeltaForce® and vDrive®.  Plus, do it all at twice the speed with SpeedTube®.

Now is the time to take advantage of extra big savings.

Combine these per row discounts on DeltaForce®,  vDrive® and/or  SpeedTube® with Coastal’s offer of 20% off on the AVP Series Planter. This bundled offer is good through August, 15, 2017.

Precision Planting

$200 OFF per row when you purchase all 3 products

$150 OFF per row when you purchase 2 of the 3

$50 OFF per row when you purchase 1 product

Offer expires August 15, 2017.

Replace the springs or air bags on your planter with hydraulic cylinders. When one row encounters conditions different than another, such as wheel tracks, each row adjusts independently. Automatically increase or reduce weight on each individual row. Row by row, foot by foot, the seed environment is easily managed for uniform germination and maximum yield.

Increase planter productivity by up to 50% and double your planting speed. Feeder wheels grab the seed off the disc and place it onto the belt for delivery to the trench while maintaining superior singulation and spacing. The belt matches the speed of the planter and carries the seed all the way to the bottom. The seed drops exactly where it needs to be as SpeedTube eliminates seed roll and bounce.

Chain and cable maintenance is no longer an issue. vDrive is the row clutch, row by row variable rate and turn compensation, all in one little unit. No more lubing chains, sprockets and drives or worrying about hydraulics. Perfect population execution on curves and precisely planted headlands are now possible.

DeltaForce®, SpeedTube®, and vDrive® are products of

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