Reduce Spray Drift

Important considerations for reducing spray drift include proper nozzle selection; spray technique including spray pressure, angle and application speed; evaluation of environmental conditions such as wind direction and temperature inversions; buffer zones and susceptible crops. To maximize drift reduction potential, add Drift-X DRT to your drift reduction plan. Drift-X DRT (Drift Reduction Technology) is a consistently high-performing deposition and drift management agent that delivers 20% more product to the target and provides uniform coverage on the targeted surface. Drift-X DRT reduces the number of spray droplet fines (less than 100 microns),

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Unlock Nutrient Potential for Your Crops

Maximize yield potential by giving your crop the advantage for early season growth, strong root development and improved plant vigor. Whether a starter program is used or not, most any crop needs one of Coastal’s Advance products at planting. The common ingredient in our Advance products, a blend of three natural carboxylic acids, solubilizes nutrients for better availability, absorption and uptake.

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Trilogy Tray – The Future Today

Achieve better and more consistent tobacco transplant results with the latest advancement in float tray technology – the Trilogy Tray.  The Trilogy Tray is an injection molded plastic float tray made from recyclable material. It is produced to have more consistent characteristics from season to season, and its patent pending design yields a better plant with faster and more consistent germination.

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Clean Up Weeds This Fall for a Head Start in Spring

Resistant weeds are an ongoing threat to crop yields, and likely will be an even bigger problem in 2016 due to the cutback in crop protection inputs in the past year. Weed competition affects yield potential; that’s why it’s important to stay ahead of weeds by keeping fields clean. To give crops the early advantage in the spring, clean-up is needed this fall. Fall herbicide applications are a relatively new but growing practice because of successful results achieved in using residual herbicides to combat resistant weeds. A fall burndown with

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Be On Time With Tobacco Sucker Control

To achieve the best tobacco yields and quality while keeping production costs down, you need a good sucker control program. With over 50+ years experience in the sucker control business, Coastal has developed and refined the highest quality products and successful sucker control programs for flue-cured tobacco. The keys to successful tobacco sucker control: Start early at 30 – 40% button stage Be timely. Make applications at the proper intervals. Use the right products at the correct rate. Use the right spray application. Coastal offers three highly effective contact sucker

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Advance in Tobacco Transplant Water

ADVANCE your tobacco crop’s early season growth and development with Coastal’s Advance 6-24-6 RTU product.  Newly transplanted tobacco plants treated with Advance recover quicker following transplanting, begin to grow quicker and develop a better root system than untreated transplants. Advance in tobacco transplant water (right) compared to no Advance (left) Advance is a plant growth enhancer containing a blend of highly-refined nutrients and natural carboxylic acids. The clean 6-24-6 starter fertilizer plus micronutrient package gives young plants a boost of important nutrients for a strong start and improved

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Reduce Drift with Drift-X DRT

With the recent adverse weather conditions affecting a shortened planting season, our customers are seeing the benefits of Coastal’s new drift reduction technology product Drift-X DRT (formerly Direct DRT). Drift-X DRT improves the on-target deposition and coverage of your spray application and reduces off-target movement. It performs well for any crop or burndown situation especially around sensitive areas. Drift-X DRT works by reducing the number of spray droplet fines less than 100 microns, increasing the VMD (Volume Median Diameter) of spray droplets and generating a more uniform droplet size spectrum. Drift-X DRT

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Spring Burndown

Is your land ready for spring planting season? Most no-till fields are now covered with henbit, chickweed, ryegrass, marestail, and other winter annuals and perennials. If you made an application of Leadoff® in December or January, you are probably in pretty good shape right now. If not, it’s time to start cleaning up your winter weeds. Marestail Henbit It is important to get these weeds cleaned up now for several reasons. First, winter weeds have taken up valuable nutrients through the winter months that can’t be returned

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Tune Up for Successful Fumigation

It’s that time of year again for tobacco growers when we finish seeding our greenhouses and turn our attention to preparing our fields for a successful tobacco crop.  The first step in protecting our crop is safely and effectively fumigating our land. With over 60 years of experience in the fumigation business, Coastal continues to stay on top of all the changes in our industry, ranging from products and packaging, to application technology. As a certified Telone® dealer, Coastal’s full support of Telone® products, from our filling station to your

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Get the Most From Your Nutrients With ADVANCE

Coastal’s Advance family of products offers growers the opportunity to maximize yield potential by giving their crop the advantage for early season growth, strong root development and improved plant vigor. Advance products, which contain a blend of natural carboxylic acids, aid in solubilizing nutrients for better availability, absorption and uptake. Virtually any crop needs one of the Advance products at planting, whether a starter program is used or not. Here, we give you a brief description of all three Advance products. Advance Growth Agent In addition to the natural carboxylic

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